Thin Moons

In October 2003 I had the good fortune to see two very thin Moons just a couple days apart. By a coincidence of sillinesses I was up just before sunrise on Friday morning, Oct 24 2003:


Old Moon Rising

10/24/03 6:34:56 AM PDT
Age of Moon: 28.4 days (-1.0 days); 1.3% illuminated; elongation: 13 degrees west
Canon EOS 10D   EF 100-400 mm @ 275.0 mm   f5.6   1 sec   ISO 800
Taken from my front balcony in Emerald Hills CA.
(This horizon is less than a half degree above the true horizon.)

The new Moon occured the next day Oct 25 at 5:51 am (still PDT). I didn't attempt to see it that evening when it was only 7 degrees east of the Sun. But the next evening it was easy:


Young Moon Setting

10/26/03 5:40:53 PM PST
Age of Moon: 1.5 days; 3.4% illuminated; elongation: 21 degrees east
Canon EOS 10D   EF 100-400 mm @ 250.0 mm   f5.0   1/15 sec   ISO 200
Taken from my back yard. Also visible at the far right just above the horizon is Venus.
(This horizon is about 4 degrees above the true horizon.)

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I thought this was pretty, too:

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