My Equipment

    Canon EOS Digital
  • Images were captured with a variety of Canon EOS digital SLRs: 30D, 10D, 5D and most recently 5D Mark II (and a few cheap digicams).

  • The following Canon EF lenses were used:
    • Zoom 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 IS
    • 50 f/1.4
    • Macro 100 f/2.8
    • Zoom 17-40 f/4 L USM
    • Zoom 24-105 f/4 L IS USM
    • Zoom 70-200 f/2.8 L IS USM
    • Zoom 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM

    Meade LX200
  • The astrophotos were done using a 12 inch Meade LX200 SCT (focal length 3048mm, f/10) and a Televue NP127 refractor housed in my backyard observatory.

  • I frequently use my Canon 10x42 L IS binocular for locating the easy stuff; my wife's small Canon IS binocular gets so much use that it lives on our kitchen table. I also keep a pocket size binocular in my car just in case.

  • Some Canon CMOS sensors (eg the ones in the D30 and 10D) are smaller than 35mm film resulting in a cropped image with a field of view smaller than the would be the case with the same lens on a 35mm film camera (or a 5D or 5DII). All the focal lengths quoted here are the actual lens focal lengths. The field of view of an uncropped image taken with a small sensor camera is equivalent to that obtained with a lens whose focal length is 1.6 times longer.

  • Most images were processed with Lightroom and/or Photoshop. Some were modified in significant ways. My intention is to create a pleasing image not necessarily to document reality.

  • All images were adjusted on an Apple Cinema Display using the Mac standard gamma (1.8).

  • Please respect my copyright.

Bill Arnett; last updated: 2010 Oct 21