1998 Feb 26   13° 39' 15" North
18:16:23 UT   67° 27' 30" West


    A total eclipse of the Sun is one of Nature's most awesome spectacles. I've wanted to see one all my life. Despite careful planning and good weather statistics, our first attempt to see one (Hawaii 1991) was clouded out. We were painfully disappointed. But not this time ...


  1. Our Luggage Violates Murphy's Law
  2. Haute Cuisine on the High Seas
  3. Water Sports
  4. Under Dark Caribbean Skies
  5. To Stand in the Shadow of the Moon


    I'm addicted. Maybe the name of this really ought to be "Umbramania". The next eclipse is 1999 Aug 11 in Europe and the Near East. I'll be there!

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