Eclipse 98

1998 Feb 26

Note how I kept this on topic ;-)

The 32mm SWA on the f/6.3 showed some exit pupil/central obstruction darkening on the blue sky and a lesser amount on the uneclipsed sun.

It was a GREAT eyepiece for solar eclipse totality, as the slightly darkened spot landed squarely in a totally darkened spot....namely the direct-sunlight- free lunar disk.

The length of this test was 3 minutes 34 seconds, so further study should be done. Testing was performed in the presence of MAPUGers Ken Milburn and Allen Ginzburg, accompanied by their wives. Todd Gross observed elsewhere due to weather concerns. Bill Charash observed elsewhere due to family duties.

Had there been any haze or clouds, perhaps the eyepiece would have been less acceptable and shown a dark spot in the cloud.

I highly recommend it for gawking at large solar prominences, an impressive amount of corona, and sharp lunar profile detail. In fact, the superb view caused me to squeeze off only 44 of 108 planned exposures with my long camera lens mounted parallel to the scope, and 3 of 6 planned scenery shots.

It performed quite well on Eta Carina also, in a separate test.

John Hopper 1998 Mar 2