Eclipse 98

1998 Feb 26

Just like to add that from the western Galapagoes, the eclipse was GREAT!! Looking at the weather patterns a few days ahead of time were not encouraging. It was looking pretty slim from the day before until the morning of the eclipse. It rained the whole day before while travelling on the boat to the site. The morning of the eclipse was overcast. At that point I was praying that my buddy ( the boat owner ) knew what he was talking about when he said he knew where clear skies would be. Travelling northeast of Isla Roca Redonda, north of Isabella, we found it. It also put us more on the centerline. We were also treated to dolphins riding the bow wave and leaping manta rays. As Luis Pertuz pointed out, the solar flares were outstanding. Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter also put in nice appearances.

Europe 1999!!!!

PS: I choose to go there because I have friends there to stay with and I have another friend who offered the use of his boat, I'm able to fly from Ecuador to the Galapagoes at less than 1/2 price because I hold a resident visa and I'm familiar with the islands. It was a cheap trip and the wildlife would make up for the trip if I did get rained out. If it wasn't for the above, Aruba would have been my choice as my wife's closest friend is from there and she says it never rains. I really was worried though when we were being bounced around the sea in a driving rain the day before. We were in a 10 meter boat.

Doyle Beaty 1998 Mar 3