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... This time was close, close enough to get me serious about making this picture happen. I got in my car and drove around the neighborhood to find possible locations. There aren't many. Part of the problem is that in order for the Moon to appear behind The Dish The Dish has to extend above the local horizon. So locations like my patio are out as are many of the other obvious lookout points. I had to get lower but still stay out of the trees. And I had to be along the line from The Dish to the point on the horizon where the Moon would rise. And not too close or too far away so that the relative sizes would be appropriate (it would be easy to go up near The Dish but then The Dish would appear much larger than the Moon. ...  6/2/04 7:38:58 PM
Canon EOS 10D   EF 100-400L IS @ 300mm
ISO 200   f8.0   1/5 sec

(Copyright © 2004 by Bill Arnett)