Tesla 55 Goes to Yosemite

2009 May 14

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At the base of Bridalveil Fall.

The trip from Groveland into Yosemite Valley was pure joy. By then it was nearly 6pm, still plenty of light but not much traffic on a Thursday evening. I wasn't in a hurry and wanted to drive conservatively anyway to conserve energy but my car was straining at the bit. "This is what this car was born to do", I thought to myself. Though it was beginning to get cool, I had the top off; driving thru the pines with the evening light and the increasingly scenic landscape and the wonderful Roadster motor sounds was magic. Of course, even driving slowly, I caught up with a few slower cars. Ordinarily that's a source of considerable aggravation since passing can be difficult in an ordinary car. But the Tesla is almost motorcycle-like in it's passing ability; you just think "Go!" and it's done. There's no adrenlin rush, no worries, it's just effortless. Of course, you can't pass just anywhere, you have to wait for a spot where you can see. But knowing that it will be a short wait removes all the aggravation. It makes driving fun again!

Then I got to Yosemite itself. It was almost sensory overload: I was loving the feel of the car in my hands, hearing the motor purr, watching the trees and the waterfalls (and the road :-) and thinking how cool it was that I was doing it all without a drop of stinky gasoline. And the sounds of the birds and the waterfalls. And the clean mountain air. And whether this is the best place to stop for another photograph or to try around the next corner. Life doesn't get much better than this!
Bill Arnett