BF Van Dyke's Glass Plates

This little site contains copies of 88 old glass negative photographic plates taken by my great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Van Dyke. Many of them are more than 100 years old. They were passed down thru the generations ending with my cousin Caroline McMichael who loaned them to me so that I might make these copies.

Many of the people can be identified; many cannot. If you can identify any of the "mystery people" please let me know! If you're confused about the genealogical relationships see my database at; click here for the entry for BF Van Dyke.

(Click on the thumbnails to see a page with a larger image and a caption; click on the larger image to see an even larger one.)

camera crw_2993 crw_2991-2 crw_2975
crw_2979 crw_2974 crw_2996 crw_2909
crw_2969 crw_2961 crw_2926 crw_2940
crw_2980 crw_2988 crw_2984 crw_2981
crw_2941 crw_2924 crw_2912 crw_2929
crw_2967 crw_2951 crw_2943 crw_2987
crw_2960 crw_2962 crw_2913 crw_2931
crw_2930 crw_2928 crw_2947 crw_2965
crw_2972 crw_2978 crw_2970 crw_2935
crw_2966 crw_2982 crw_2954 crw_2956
crw_2914 crw_2944 crw_2945 crw_2950
crw_2959 crw_2948 crw_2964 crw_2955
crw_2999-3001 crw_2946 crw_2910 crw_2939
crw_2953 crw_2957 crw_2925 crw_2917
crw_2918 crw_2901 crw_2905 crw_2902
crw_2904 crw_2906 crw_2903 crw_2907
crw_2933 crw_2937 crw_2934 crw_2911
crw_2915 crw_2916 crw_2919 crw_2923
crw_2920 crw_2927 crw_2922 crw_2952
crw_2932 crw_2921 crw_2938 crw_2983
crw_2949 crw_2963 crw_2968 crw_2971
crw_2973 crw_2976 crw_2977 crw_2936
crw_2985 crw_2986 crw_2958

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